Let the Home be Found (2020)  5 x 20” x 30” inkjet on archival cotton rag
Let the Home Be Found is a post-photographic exploration of the relationship between myself, the archive and imagination. The work takes a journey from archive family photographs taken from before I was born to 3D modelled interior environments. Present within the work is a parafiction, rooted in the theory of Gaston Bachelard’s Poetics of Space and the idea of the poetic image found in the home. Rooted in the act of interpretation and imagination, the work steps into my poetic response to my family’s archive of photographs of the home, designing a fictional camera that can capture the oneiric home (or the home that exists in dreams).

The images it produces are then separate from the original photograph, separate from myself - a unique image that couldn’t otherwise be captured. The project subsequently becomes obsessed with the construction of this image and therefore infatuated with the ontology of imagination that creates the impossible camera’s subject.